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The Bled, not bled dry….. March 5, 2009

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images-1The Bled, a metal 5 piece from Tuscon, AZ, will finally return to the road in March 2009 with The Used and Saosin. The band split to pursue individual music ventures in mid 2008. This was supposed to be  an indefinite hiatus

images-3, however the opportunity to be back on the road was too tempting for the boys. The singer, James Munoz, quit his job in Chicago and returned to AZ this week to begin practice with the band for their intense live performances. 

The tour will bring The Bled to Austin,Texas for the SXSW music festival. The images-2tour has not been announced formally, so they will perform as a surprise guest at the showcase. The Bled has been an influential band in the metal scene for almost eight years. Bands such as Armor For Sleep and Emanuel credit The Bled with helping hone their sounds. The Bled took Armor For Sleep out for their first tour. The Bled has performed on The Warped Tour, Projekt Revolution, Taste of Chaos, and Ozzfest.

imagesTo draw attention back to The Bled, I would reach out to the online community first. I would call to the band’s street teams in local cities via myspace and facebook. In return for photos of promotion the fan would be placed on the  guest list. Then I would contact independent rock radio stations and contact the local college to promote on their metal hour. I would haveimages-4 James do a weekly video blog to update fans about the tour. They could also record a short segment of the boys talking about the tour which I would cut to 10 second, 20 second, and 40 second spots . These I would send to MTV2, FUSE, FUEL, and a few local stations in the key towns (such as ME TV in Austin.)


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